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Rising to the challenge to stop AUKUS and keep Australia out of another American war.


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Two thirds* of Australians agree that we should keep out of any war against China

War with China would be catastrophic for Australia and the world. Shipping and all other trade with China would cease. This would be totally disruptive. Australia would face shortages of everyday items including medical supplies. There would be severe job losses and the general wrecking of the economy. Such a war could become nuclear. Preventing it is an urgent matter for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.     [MAAW Leaflet]

*Lowy Institute and Essential Research Polls (2023)

Representatives of community organisations drew up the Marrickville Declaration in February 2024, a document that highlights the dangers of the AUKUS agreement which the participants will campaign for the Australian government to withdraw from.

A committee to Mobilise Against AUKUS and War was established, to cooperate with existing labour movement and peace groups, faith groups and broad progressive organisations to build a stronger peace and nuclear disarmament movement.

The Marrickville Declaration

Participants from Sydney peace, community, unions and political organisations established the basis for working together against the threat of war and the AUKUS military Pact between the US, UK and Australian governments at a meeting on 3 February 2024. It began:

"Participants at this meeting will work together to keep Australia out of war and stop preparation for war, through campaigning for an end to AUKUS. ..."

Marrickville Declaration

building unity among peace and community organisations to sink AUKUS